听力常见语句背诵表Day 11. People are applauding the players. 人们正在为演奏者鼓掌。2. The lawns are being watered. 草地正在被浇水。3. The man is putting on his glasses. 这个男人正在戴眼镜。4. She is carrying two buckets. 她提着两个桶。5. She is digging in the ground. 她正在挖地。6. They are moving in opposite directions. 他们正在向相反的方向走。7. The men are mowing lawns. 男人们正在割草。8. He is playing a musical instrument on stage. 他正在台上演奏乐器。9. The road is being paved. 道路正在被铺。10. The woman is paying for an item. 这个女人正在给商品付款。11. The pharmacist is handing some medicine to the patient. 药剂师正在给患者药。12. Trees are being planted. 树木正在被栽种。13. They’re playing on a swing in the playground. 他们正在操场上荡秋千。14. A woman is pointing at something on a drawing. 一个女人正在指着画上的什么东西。15. A man is taking a picture. 一个男人正在照相。16. A waiter is pouring water into cups. 一个服务生正在往杯子里倒水。17. He is putting on a laboratory coat. 他正在穿实验室服。18. They are taking off their uniforms. 他们正在脱他们的制服。19. The man is reaching for his wallet. 这个男人正在掏钱包。20. The ladder is being repaired. 梯子正在被修理。21. He is working on the roof. 他正在屋顶上干活。22. She is handing the scheduler to her friend. 她正在把日程安排给她的朋友。23. A woman is shopping around in the supermarket. 一个女人正在超市买东西。24. They are strolling arm in arm. 他们正在挽着臂散步。25. A microscope has been placed symmetrically. 一个显微镜被整齐地放置着。26. The horse is walking along the edge of the water. 这匹马正在沿着水边走。Day 21. They are seated across from each other. 他们面对面地坐着。2. The man is standing next to the arm chair. 这个男人正站在扶手椅边上。3. The place is crowded with spectators. 这个地方挤满了观众。4. The papers have been stacked up next to the copier. 纸已经被堆在复印机边上。5. The bed needs to be made. 床需要铺一下。6. The table is placed between the sofa and the lamp. 桌子被放在沙发和台灯中间。7. There is a flower vase next to the stairway. 楼梯的旁边有一个花瓶。8. The women have their legs crossed. 这些女人交叉着双腿。9. They are seated in a circle. 他们围坐成一圈。10. The cars are all parked in a line. 汽车停成一排。11. The boxes are lined up in a row. 箱子排成一排。12. The road splits in two directions. 这条路分叉成两个方向。13. The man is leaning against the fence. 这个男人靠着栅栏/篱笆。14. The lawn has been neatly mowed. 草地被修剪的很平整。15. He is standing at the newsstand. 他站在报刊亭。16. The vehicles are parked next to each other. 车一辆挨着一辆地停放着。17. Garden furniture is set up outdoors. 花园家具被放在外面。18. The shelves are packed with packages. 架子被包装盒包着。19. Two men are watching at the parade. 两个男人正在看阅兵游行。20. Labels have been attached to some of the parts. 标签已经被贴在一些部件上。21. The tables are partially shaded. 桌子被遮住了一部分。22. There are no pedestrians on the side walk. 人行道上没有行人。23. Fallen leaves have been piled up near the trees. 落叶堆在树边。24. One of the doors has been left open. 其中一个门开着。25. The floor has been polished to a shine. 地板被擦得发亮。26. She is looking at her face reflected in the mirror. 她看着镜子中反射出的自己的脸。Day 31. The woman is resting her chin on her hand. 这个女人用手托着下巴。2. The files are scattered around the office. 文件散落在办公室。3. The men are all wearing short-sleeved shirts. 男人们都穿着短袖衬衫。4. The chairs are being painted. 椅子正在被涂漆。5. They are all lined up side by side. 她们并肩站成一排。6. The boxes are stacked up by the sink. 箱子堆在污水槽旁边。7. The woman is sitting near the men. 这个女人正坐在那个男人旁边。8. All the equipment has been removed from the site. 所以设备已经被移出了现场。9. There are skyscrapers on the other side of the river. 河的另一边有摩天大楼。10. The boxes are stacked on top of one another. 箱子被一层一层摞着。11. Potted plants have been set out on the stairs. 盆栽植物被放在楼梯上。12. They are standing in line at the front desk of the hotel. 他们在酒店的总服务台前站成一排。13. The shelves have been stocked with products. 架子上存放着物品。14. The building is only one story high. 这个建筑只有1层。15. There are buildings of various heights. 这里有各种高度的建筑。16. We hope we can accommodate your request. 我们希望我们可以接受你的要求。17. Please do not sit in the aisle. 请不要坐在走廊里。18. A strict dress code applies. 实施严格的着装规范。19. The new rule is effected to all employees. 新的规定适用于所有员工。20. The public phones are unoccupied. 公用电话没有被使用。21. Store all emergency items in a safe place. 把所有紧急物资储藏在一个安全的地方。22. In the event of a fire please gather in the car park. 在遇到火灾的情况下,请聚集到停车场。23. Notices have been posted on the memo board. 通知被粘在了留言板上。24. Please, clean the premises after use. 使用完场地后请打扫干净。25. The management would like to remind everyone of the company’s internet policy. 管理人员将告诉所有人公司的网络政策。Day 41. His greatest achievement was completing the report. 他最大的成就是完成了这个报告。2. Please do not alter the report. 请不要改动这个报告。3. I am not done with the annual report yet. 我还没完成年度报告。4. The budget proposal for next quarter is due on Wednesday. 下个季度预算计划书的最后期限是星期三。 5. I have to revise my first draft today. 我今天必须要修订我的第一个草案。6. Turn your expense report in before the end of the year. 年底之前上次你的花销报告。7. An extension is needed if he wanted to meet the deadline. 如果他想赶上最后的期限的话,必须要延期。8. Put the flyer on my desk. 把传单放在我的桌子上。9. Going over those documents will take some time. 浏览这些文件需要一些时间。10. Let’s have a look at that report. 让我们来看一下那份报告。11. Can you look through this for me? 你能帮我浏览一下这个吗?12. Can you help me with this cost proposal? 你能帮我做一下这个费用计划书吗?13. Where is my copy of the new annual report? 我的那份新的年报在哪里?14. Can you review this report for me please? 能请你帮我审查一下这份报告吗?15. Could you also send the copy to the sales department? 你能再把这份复印件送去销售部门吗?16. Which chart shows the monthly sales figures for this past fiscal year? 哪一张表是这个会计年度的月销售数据?17. Aren’t you familiar with the sales forecast report? 你不熟悉这份预计销售报告吗?18. The schedule charts are being distributed to the employees. 日程表正在被分发给员工。19. He is sorting through some papers. 他正在给文件分类。20. Did you submit the spreadsheet by the due date? 你如期提交数据报表了吗?21. Can you proofread these briefs for me by the end of next month? 你能在下个月之前帮我校对一下这些摘要吗?22. How did your translation work go? 你的翻译工作怎么样了?23. I am really sorry for making a typo. 非常抱歉出现了打印错误。Day 51. What time does the airport shuttle depart? 机场穿梭巴士几点出发?2. Please use the alternative route. 请走另外一条路。3. I anticipate the drive will take no more than three hours 我预期车程不会超过3个小时。. 4. The subway is filled with passengers. 地铁里挤满了乘客。5. If you park here, your car will be towed away. 如果你在这里停车,车将会被拖走。6. How do I get to the subway station? 我怎么去地铁站?7. I want to give Mary a ride to the library. 我想搭载玛丽去图书馆。8. Due to heavy traffic, I will be delayed by an hour. 由于交通拥堵,我会晚到一个小时。9. The car accident was due to her negligence. 交通事故是由于她的疏忽大意。10. The passengers are being shown to their seats. 乘客们正在被带往他们的座位。11. Is there a place to park my car near the platform? 平台附近有停车的地方吗?12. A woman is using a public phone. 一个女人正在使用公共电话。13. The traffic is jammed due to road work. 交通出现拥堵是由于道路施工。14. Do you know the shortcut to the airport? 你知道去机场的近路吗?15. There are no spaces left in the parking lot. 停车场没有车位了。16. The speed limit on this road is 70 mph. 这条路的限速是70公里/小时。17. The bus has stopped by for passengers to board. 公共汽车停下让乘客上下车。18. Take a right on the 1st Street, and follow that all the way down to the stadium. 在第一大街右转,然后一直走到体育场。19. Do you know where the accident took place? 你知道事故是在哪里发生的吗?20. More people should use the public transportations. 更多的人应该使用公共交通工具。21. There’ll be a lot of traffic jam in the city, won’t there? 城市里会有很多交通堵塞,不是吗?22. The traffic light is about to change. 交通信号灯要变了。23. If you have to work late, then I will stop by your office to pick you up. 如果你要工作到很晚,我会顺便去你的办公室接你。Day 61. The copy machine will be out of order until Friday. 复印机到星期五才能用。2. The device should be plugged into a reliable power source. 这个装备应该被插入可靠的电源。3. Purchasing a new machine is beyond our budget. 买一个新机器超出了我们的预算。4. The machine was missing a key component. 这个机器丢失了一个重要零件。5. The product was damaged during delivery. 产品在运送中被损坏了。6. The product was defective. 这个产品不合格。7. The old car was no longer efficient. 这辆旧汽车不能用了。8. There is an error in this program. 这个程序中有一个错误。9. The new car had an obvious fault. 这辆新车有一个明显的缺陷。10. My computer freezes so often that I can’t work efficiently. 我的电脑经常死机,所以我不能很高效地工作。11. My car is in the garage having the oil changed. 我的汽车正在修理厂里换机油。12. Don’t leave the heater on when you leave the house. 不要开着暖气离开房子。13. You need to install the right software. 你需要安装正确的软件。14. The machine keeps jamming papers all day long. 这个机器一整天都在不停地卡纸。15. They are using lawnmowers. 他们正在使用割草机。16. Are you still on line? 你还在线上吗?17. The press wasn’t operating. 打印机不工作了。18. The boat is out of service and is being repaired. 船坏了,正在被修理。19. An overhead projector has been set up on the table. 桌子上安装了一个高射投影仪。20. The workers are replacing the windows. 工人们正在更换窗户。21. Do you know if there are some ink cartridges left in the supply cabinet? 你知道储物柜里还有墨盒吗?22. The copier is turned off. 复印机关了。23. The computer files need to be updated. 电脑数据需要更新。Day 71. Customers have the right to ask for one’s money back. 顾客有权要求退款。2. The computer was only available in white. 这款电脑只有白色的有货。3. He could not find a bargain. 他没能找到便宜的商品。4. He is not satisfied with their service. 他对他们的服务不满意。5. If we don’t hurry the tickets will be sold out. 如果我们不快一点,票就卖完了。6. Do you think we need a shopping cart? 你认为我们一辆购物车吗?7. Can we send you a catalogue? 我们可以给您寄一份产品目录吗?8. They just opened a new chain store downtown. 他们刚刚在市区开了一家新的连锁店。9. Here’s your change, sir. 先生,这是找您的钱。10. They might charge you some for being late. 他们也许会因为你的迟到索赔。11. All proceeds from today’s event will to to a charity. 今天活动的全部收益将会捐献给慈善机构。12. There are many styles to choose from. 这里可选的样式有很多。13. The consumer is always right. 消费者永远是对的。14. The shirt was a good fit. 这件衬衫很合适。15. If you purchase our product during this week, we will offer free delivery. 如果你在这个星期购买我们的产品,我们将提供免费送货。16. Go to the grocery store and buy some milk. 去食品店买一些牛奶。17. This product comes with a full five-year guarantee. 这个产品有5年的保修期。18. Check out our list of new products. 确认一下我们新产品的清单。19. Log on to our website when you feel the time is right. 方便时请登录我们的网站。20. It is good to like around before you buy. 你买之前最好先逛逛。21. Do you know what to look for? 你知道买什么吗?22. Those shoes are already marked down. 那些鞋已经降价了。23. When is it going to be on sale? 什么时候打折?24. You can buy this item only at BBC outlet in California. 这件商品只能在加利福尼亚的BBC商店买到。Day 81. You’ve got to pay me more because these books are overdue. 因为这些书过期了,你要多支付一些钱。2. Can I pay by credit card or do I have to pay in cash? 我可以用信用卡支付吗?还是必须支付现金?3. He quoted you a price of $500 without tax. 他不含税报价500美元。4. You can pick one of the cards in the rack. 你可以在架子上的卡中任选一张。5. Where can I pick up an iPod3 player for a reasonable price? 我在哪里可以买到合理价格的ipod3音乐播放器?6. Can I have a 20% reduction? 我可以享受20%的优惠吗?7. The customers need their receipts to refund their items. 顾客要退货需要收据。8. Have you heard about the refund guarantee? 你听说退货担保了吗?9. I need to reissue the bill. 我需要重新开清单。10. Who do I speak to about the return policy? 我对谁说有关退货规定的事情?11. He is reaching for some items on the top of the shelf. 他正在够架子顶端的一些商品。12. We went to the shopping mall not far from here to shop for groceries. 我们支了不远的超市买食品。13. Here are some striped ones. 这里有一些有条纹的。14. Would you please hold my stuff? 可以帮我看管一下我的东西吗?15. How long did you subscribe to the newspaper? 你订阅这份报纸多久了?16. This tie does not go with my suit. 这条领带和我的西装不搭。17. Does the price include tax? 这个价格含税吗?18. Please read this ticketing policy carefully before you buy the tickets on the internet. 在你从网上买票之前衣仔细阅读这个购票规定。19. What is the trend these days? 最近流行什么?20. They said they were going to try this on. 他们说要试试这个。21. Some fruit is being weighed on a scale. 一些水果正在被称重量。22. How much is a yearly subscription? 订阅一年要多少钱?Day 91. They added more help to the sales department. 他们给予了销售部门更多的帮助。2. She was the first female applicant. 她是第一位女性申请者。3. Please return a completed application form if you are interested in the job. 如果你对这份工作感兴趣,请提交一份填好的表格。4. You should apply for the job at that consulting firm Jenny was talking about. 你应该申请珍妮说的那家咨询公司的工作。5. We’re planning to appoint David to the position of vice president. 我们计划任命大卫做副总裁。6. My boss is fluent in both Vietnamese and French. 我的老板的越南语和法语都很流利。7. She is well qualified for the government service. 她非常适合公务员工作。8. Their hope was to be transferred overseas. 他们那时希望移民海外。9. He did not want to work in a branch office. 他以前不想在分公司工作。10. Sarah deserves a promotion. 萨拉应该被升职。11. Tom will be designated to head the project. 汤姆将被任命为这个项目的主管。12. Jack was unhappy with his poor evaluation. 杰克对于他得到的很差的评估很不高兴。13. This job requires at least 2 years of working experience. 这个工作要求至少2年的工作经验。14. Stress was a big factor in her resignation. 压力是她辞职的一个很大的因素。15. We need to get approval before we proceed. 我们开始之前需要得到批准。16. If you do not hand the assignment in on time you will receive a lower grade. 如果你不按时交作业就会得低分。17. Do you want to have an interview with our director? 你想和我们的主管进行面试吗?18. Jane will be the new head of the marketing department. 简是市场部门的新主管。19. They need to hire more temporary staff. 他们需要雇佣更多的临时员工。20. They say he will be the human resources manager. 他们说他将成为人力资源部经理。21. Ms. Smith hoped to implement a new hiring policy. 史密斯小姐想执行一个新的招聘政策。Day 101. You need to improve your work efficiency if you want a promotion. 如果你想得到晋升的话,需要提高工作效率。2. I’m sorry, but we are going to have to let you go. 对不起,恐怕我们要让你离开。3. Are you going to hire temporary workers to help manufacture by the deadline? 为了产品我还记得的最后期限,你打算雇佣临时员工吗?4. May I speak to someone in charge of marketing department? 我可以和市场部的负责人通话吗?5. I heard the mayor of Seoul is retiring next month due to a health problem. 我听说首尔市市长因为健康原因下个月要退休了。6. In spite of difficulty, we agreed on a 5%pay raise. 尽管很困难,我们还是决定涨5%的工资。7. Where should I pick up my paycheck? 我从哪里得到我的工资支票?8. What time did you punch out today? 你今天几点下班?9. I’d like to recommend Eric. 我想推荐艾瑞克。10. Who is retiring early this year? 谁今年提前退休了?11. I am doing my best to socialize with the co-workers. 我尽力和我的同事搞好关系。12. Where was the supervisor when the machine broke down? 机器发生故障时管理人在哪里?13. Who has the key to the supply room? 谁有物品管理室的钥匙?14. She was born with a talent for design. 她生来就有设计的天赋。15. I’m being transferred to Paris. 我被调到了巴黎。16. The company is understaffed because of low salaries. 这个公司因为工资低而人手不足。17. Has the vacant position in the accounts department been filled? 财会部门的空职位有人了吗?18. Ashley has moved up the ranks over the years to become the head of the Sales Department. 经过几年的工作,阿什利被提升为销售部门的主管。 Day 111. That scarf is matched well with your skirt. 这条围巾和你的裙子很搭配。2. I would like to catch up with you soon. 我很快会赶上你。3. The stadium is closed for today. 体育馆今天关门。4. Dial the number, then press 2. 拨电话,然后按2。5. My su
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