1期末复习期末复习 Unit 3 必背材料必背材料一一. 单词单词1.programme 2.keyboard 3. unit 4. mouse 5. screen 6. receive 7.guide 8. Asia 9. Africa 10. Europe11. America 12.world-famous 13. trade 14.sorthern 15.international 16. huge 17.island 18.several 19.relax 20.hard21. bottom 22.pick 23.play 24. website 25.dream 26. passport 27. coast 28. Australian 29. opposite 30. mind31. print 32. pleasure 33. book 34. England 35. queen 36. ruler 37. pound 38. European 39. dollar 二二. 短语短语1. main unit 2.so much for sth. 3. dream of/about sth./doing sth. 4. my pleasure5. be made up of 6. search for information7. send and receive emails 8. at the top/bottom of 9. the world-famous trade centre 10. at the southern end of 11. see the huge glass ball falling 12. after a hard day’s work 13. be famous for/as 14. since the early/late twentieth century 15. dream of travelling around the world 16. by taking an online tour 17. so many wonderful pictures 18. on the north-east coast of Australia19. be the opposite of … 20. mind doing sth.21. in the menu/on the screen/on the website 22. order meals book tickets and hotels23. an island country 24. on an online tour三三. 词形变化词形变化1. mouse-mice/mouses 2. south-southern 3. dark-darkness 4. relax-relaxes-relaxed 5. please-pleasure-pleased 6. rule-ruler 7. Asia-Asian Africa-African America-American Europe-European Australia-Australian England-English 四四. .释义释义1. trade---the activity of buying and selling 2. international---two or more countries taking part 3. gather---come together 4. huge---very large/big5. several---more than two 6. relax---rest after work7. century---a period of 100 years 8. musical---a play filled with many songs 五五. 句子句子1. What do you usually use your computer for? I usually use it to search for information. 你通常使用电脑做什么?我通常用它来搜寻信息。2. Just click on it, and you can visit Asia ,Africa, Europe ,America and more in only eight hours. 只要你点它一下,你就能在八小时内参观亚洲,非洲,欧洲,美洲和更多的地方。3. It’s exciting to see the huge glass ball falling through the darkness. 在黑夜中看见巨大的玻璃球落下是令人激动的。4. It has been famous for its theatres since the early twentieth century. 自从二十世纪早期以来,它就以它的剧院而出名。5. It’s a good place to relax after a hard day’s work.. 在辛苦一天的工作之后,它是一个放松的好地方。 26. Have you ever dreamt of travelling around the world without a passport ? 你曾经梦想没有护照周游世界吗?7. To learn about a city, just find it in the menu “tour” of the page and click on it. 要了解一个城市,就在这一页的菜单 tour 栏找到它,然后点击它。8. Australian seasons are the opposite of ours. 澳大利亚的季节与我们的相反。9. Would you mind showing me how to start this online tour? Of course not. 你介意向我们展示如何开始在线旅游吗?当然不介意了。10. There are many palaces and castles in this European country. 在这欧洲国家有许多宫殿和城堡。11. Our class is made up of 22 boys and 30 girls . 我们班有 22 个男生和 30 个女生。12. Thanks for your help, Mille. My pleasure.谢谢你的帮助,米莉。不客气。Exercises一、单项选择一、单项选择(每小题 1 分,共 10 分)( ) 21. --- Is there ________ African elephant in _______ zoo? --- Maybe there is. A. a; the B. an; the C. /; theD. an; a( ) 22. We can type words with a _______. A. screenB. keyboardC. mouse D. printer( ) 23. I haven’t been to the temple(寺庙) _______ the top of the hill. But I know you can get to the top _______ fifteen minutes by cable car(缆车).A. at; in B. in; in C. at; for D. on; after( ) 24. --- I’m going to Dalian for my May Day holiday and I have _____ a seaside hotel. --- Really? Have a good time.A. booked B. bought C. had D. prepared( ) 25. Millie _______ her homework just now. But I ______ mine. I shouldn’t watch TV first. A. has finished; haven’t finished B. finished; don’t finish C. finished; haven’t finished D. has finished; didn’t finish( ) 26. --- Where is Mike ?--- He _____to New York on business. He _______ the airport at five in the morning .A. has gone; has left for B. has been; has left for C. has gone; left for D. has been; left for( ) 27. --- How many students are there in each group? --- Usually each group _______ six students in our class. A. is made from B. is made up of C. is made in D. is made of( ) 28. My family will have a ______ holiday in Australia. I really want to see the Sydney Opera House.A. two week's B. two weeks C. two weeks' D. two-weeks ( ) 29. --- Thanks for showing me how to start this online tour. ---_______. A. Never mindB. It doesn’t matter C. Of course notD. It’s my pleasure( ) 30. --- I think everyone should protect our earth. ---_______. A. I have no ideaB. Yes, I agree C. That’s not true D. That’s all right二、词汇运用二、词汇运用(每小题 1 分,共 15 分)A. 请根据括号中的中文提示、英文释义或句意,写出句中所缺单词,使句子通顺。61. I was on vacation last week and didn't _____________ (收到) your e-mail.62. There will be an _____________ (国际的) meeting in Shanghai next month.63. China does a lot of _____________ (the activity of buying and selling) with many countries. 364. There are _____________ (more than two) students doing word processing in the computer room.65. I haven’t seen such a _____________ (very large) ship. Can I take a photo of it? B. 用方框中所给词的适当形式填空。south far it mouse twenty 66. For _____________ information about the city, you can click on the “Tour” icon.67. I think the best season to visit Qingdao is summer because _____________ temperature is not too high.68. It has been the world-famous business centre since the _____________ century.69. Sansha City (三沙市) is at the _____________ end of China.70. --- Can I help you? --- I’d like two _____________. I’ve bought a couple of computers.C. 用方框中所给动词的适当形式填空。search try write spend stop 71. It _____________ raining. Let’s go out to play basketball.72. Mr. Wu______________ for information on the Internet when he heard the sound.73. --- Where’s Simon? --- He _____________an email to his friend in the bedroom.74. She often _____________ local food in places where she is visiting, such as the famous Tianjin Baozi.75. Andy is thinking about where he _____________ the coming weekend.三、句型转换三、句型转换(每小题 0.5 分,共 5 分)76. He’s back to her office. (改为一般疑问句) __________ he _________ to her office?77. Mr Wu visited Canada in 2010 and 2011.(用 twice 替换句中的时间) Mr Wu __________ _________ Canada twice.78. I often use the computer to do word processing.(对划线部分提问)________ do you often use the computer__________ ?79. This bridge is strong. It has a long history. (保持句意不变) This is a _________ bridge ___________ a long history.80. Kitty came to Hong Kong two days ago. (保持句意不变) Kitty has _________ _________ Hong Kong for two days.四、句子翻译四、句子翻译(每小题 1 分,共 5 分)81.中央公园是人们辛苦工作一天后放松的好去处。 (a good place to…) _____________________________________________________________________________82.我们可以通过在线旅行实现环游世界的梦想。(realize the dream of…)_____________________________________________________________________________83. 想了解这个城市,请单击页面底端“相机”图标。 (click on…) _____________________________________________________________________________84. 英国一直以来因博物馆而出名。 (be famous for) _____________________________________________________________________________85. 你介意和我一起去那片草坪吗?(Would you mind )_____________________________________________________________________________五、书面表达五、书面表达(共 10 分) 根据下表提示,以 The Introduction to China 为题写一篇有关国内旅游的指南,可以适当发挥。要求语言通顺,条理清晰,词数不少于 80。 4locationIn AsiaBeijing, the capitalOld and bigAboutthe countrypopulationthe largest number of people in the worldBeijingVisit the Palace Museum, try Beijing duckXi’anSee the Terracotta Warriors and Horses, visit museums,...Places to visitGuilinEnjoy the unique landscape and the beautiful Li RiverWeatherVery different around the countryLanguageChineseChinaOthersMoneyRMBThe Introduction to ChinaChina is the largest country in Asia and the third largest in the world, but it has the largest number of people in the world. Beijing, its capital city, is old and big. Here, you can visit the Palace Museum, the Summer Palace, the Great Wall and so on. You can also try famous Beijing duck. If you are interested in visiting other places of interest in China, you can go to Xi’an to see the Terracotta Warriors and Horses and visit museums, to Guilin to enjoy the unique landscape and the beautiful Li River. The weather in China is very different around the country. It’s very cold in winter in the north while it’s very warm in the south. People in China speak Chinese, which has the largest number of speakers in the world. Moreover, remember that people use RMB there, not dollars or pounds.
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