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研究生英语阅读教程提高级 课后习题

'研究生英语阅读教程提高级 课后习题'
Lesson 2The story about the Brothers Grimm may evoke warm memories of story time in the comforting arms of a parent.(关于格林兄弟的故事可以唤起父母在安慰的怀抱中对故事时间的温暖回忆。)A. recall B. create C. release D. collect1. One of the secrets of successful travel lies in always turning adversity to your advantage.(成功旅行的秘诀之一就是总是把逆境变成你的优势。)A. unfamiliarity B. exploration C. pleasure D.difficulties.2. The claws of bears may be used to climb trees , rip open nests and beehives, or catch prey.(熊的爪子可以用来爬树,撕开巢蜂房,或捕捉猎物。)A. clear B. tear C. throw D. dig3. The analysts are dissecting intrusions and other attacks that have breached their computer systems.分析人员正在剖析侵入他们电脑系统的入侵和其他攻击。A. intercepting B. fighting C. analyzing D. discussing4. He spent whole days in his room, headphones on lest he disturb anyone.他整天呆在房间里,戴着耳机以免打扰任何人。A. unless B. when C. so that D. in case5. As the unemployment lines lengthened and factories closed, there was talk of apocalypse.随着失业线的延长和工厂的关闭,人们谈论着天启?。A. emergency B. uncertainty C. disaster D. reduction6. The odor of the hospital was so unforgiving that every so often she would bring the cloud of white flowers to her nose.(医院的气味是如此的无情,以至于她常常会把白花的云彩带到她的鼻子上)A. unexpected B. unique C. impressive D. terrible7. Critics argue that the lavish park itself is incongruous in a country where around half the population lives below the poverty line.7、批评家认为,在一个半数人口生活在贫困线以下的国家里,奢侈的公园本身是不协调的。A. inappropriate B. creative C. unnecessary D. enjoyable8. Many believed optimistically the news would soothe markets, but it seems to have had the opposite effect.许多人乐观地认为,这一消息将安抚市场,但它似乎起了相反的作用。A. push B. mislead C. calm D. discourage9. A stoical person tends to show admirable patience and endurance in the face of adversity without getting upset.一个坚忍的人在面对逆境时往往表现出令人钦佩的耐心和忍耐力,而不会感到不安A. confident B. uncomplaining C. unconventional D. reliableADBCD CDACBLesson 41. During the lecture all the audience listened to China’s first astronaut with rapt admiration.演讲过程中,所有听众都听了中国第一位宇航员的讲话A. obscure B. obvious C. obliged D. obsessed2. Most of her colleagues didn’t like her because she was adept at the fine art of irritating people.她的大多数同事都不喜欢她,因为她善于使人恼火的艺术。A. ambitious B. annoying C. skillful D. scornful3. In the schools today we need, more than ever, the training of deft hands, quick eyes and ears, and above all the broader, deeper, higher culture of gifted minds and pure hearts.在今天的学校里,我们比以往任何时候都更需要训练灵巧的双手、快速的眼睛和耳朵,尤其是更广泛、更深入、更高的天才思维和纯净心灵的培养。A. skillful B. clever C. delicate D. elegant4. At last the judge decided to give the custody of the child to his father.最后法官决定把孩子的监护权交给他父亲。A. supervision B. catering C. raising D. fostering5. Denver residents continued to dig out from what was called the worst blizzard in nearly a century.丹佛居民继续挖掘出近一个世纪以来最严重的暴风雪A. catastrophe B. disaster C. snowstorm D. landslide6. After all, the candidate was endorsed b
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