写作考试共进行45分钟,占总成绩的25%,小作文占10分,大作文占20分。1测试范围与选材1、 身份介绍(Personal Identification)2、 I ?作环境与 Fl 常事务(The office, general business, environment and routine)3、 接待与闲暇活动 (Entertainment of clients, free time, relationships with colleagues and clients)4、 商务旅行(Travel)5、 健康(Health)6、 购买与销售(Buying and selling)7、 公订J结构、系统及程序(Company structures, systems, processes)8> 产品与服务(Products and services)9、成果与成就(Results and achievemen⑸其外,述会涉及其他的一般商务话题(Business issues)。2测试题型分析An Overview of BEC Vantage WritingPARTF unctions/Communicative TaskInputResponseRegister1Business Correspondence: e.g. giving instructions, explaining a development, asking for comments,requesting information,agreeing to requestsRubric only (plus layout of output text type)Note, message, memo or e-mail (40-50 words)Neutral/ informal2Correspondence:e.g? explaining, apologising, reassuring, complainingReport:describing, summarisingProposal:describing, summarising,recommending, persuadingOne or more pieces of input from: businesscoiTespondence (medi u m may be letter, fhx or e-mail), internal communication(medium may be note, memo, or e-mail), notice, advert, graphs, chart, etc. (plus layout if output is fax or e-mail)B usiness correspondence (medium may be letter, fax or e-mail) or short report or proposal (medium may be memo or e-mail) (120-140 words)Neutral/formal题型: 1.商务便条类;2.商务便函类;3.商务书信类;4.商务报告类注意:BEC不是单纯的英语考试,也不是考察商务知识。对策:学习、模仿高水平的论文例题解析:? You work for a company which produces laser printers. You are visiting another company, Softcell, to buy some computer software for your department. They have expressed an interest in your company's printers and you would like to take twenty brochures and three sample printers with you.相关词汇:laser, inkjet, projector (Barco), photocopier (Xerox), fax machine, scanner, computer, monitor扌目关词7匸:company literature; brochure; leaflet; flyer; white book; data sheet; prospectus? Write a short note to Mr. Jim Asano, the Sales Manager.? Asking for his permission to take these items.? Explaining why you want them.? Mentioning the time and date when you want to collect them.Write 40-50 words on your Answer Sheet.便函便条类题「I的结构Input: situation descriptionTask: memo, note, emailcontent pointsWrite: internal message (40-50 words)注意:格式;发挥部分要确切注意:content; accuracy; conciseness【例题】? Christmas is coming. Your company is going to hold the annual Christmas party. As the secretary of the general manager, you help arrange the preparation for i匸? Write a memo to all employees?? Announcing the planned party.? Welcoming all employees to join it.? Introducing the programs of it.? Mention the time and place that it takes place?? Write 40一50 words on your Answer Sheet.商务书信类这一题型要求考牛?根据所提供的短文,如书信、传真、便两、留言条(电话留言条)等,起 草一封书信,字数要求达到120-140词左右。题目结构:Input: 1 situation description2 task3 target readerReading: texts in note, letter, fax, memo + content point
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