英语阅读500题(单项选择题)1. IMO has decided 决定 that all ships over 300TGt must be fitted with a NAVTEX receiver 」MO在什么时候决定300总吨以上必须配备NAVTEX接收机。A. by 01 Feb 1992 B. by 01 Aug 1993C. between 01 Feb 1992 and 01 Feb 1999 D. before 01 Feb 19922. GMDSS is to provide with reliable 可靠的 communication ?GMDSS提供给--所有客船和300总吨及以上货船在海上航行--的可靠通信。A. all large passenger vesselsB. freighters of more than 300gt in coastal watersC? all passenger ships and cargo ships engaged in intemational-voyagesD. all passenger ships and cargo ships of 300gt upwards in open sea3. The complying 遵从 vessels can transmit ship-to-shore distress alerts by at least ?这个遵守船舶(公约船)能发送船到岸遇险报警至少通过--两套分开和独立设备方法,使用不同的无线 电通信业务。A. One means, whether satellite or terrestrial techniquesB. Two means,途径 whether 无论 satellite or terrestrial techniquesC. Two separate and in dependent》虫立的 mea ns, each using different radio comm un ication servicesD. Two means, such as MF DSC and HF DSC4. The quality of the message can be affected 受到影响 by ?信息的质量会受--气候--影响。A. climate气候 B. sunshine 阳光 C. human being 人类生存 D. both a and b5. Within the polar areas it is to see a satellite in geo-stationary orbit ?在两极地区内是--不可能--看到地球静止轨道一卫星的轨道。A. impossible B. possible 可能 C. easy 容易 D. difficult 困难6. The Inmarsat system is open for use by countries on a non一discriminatory 无差别待basis .倒际海事卫星系统对--所有--国家在一个无差别待遇的基础上开放使用A. some B? lots of C. many D. all7. With the help of GMDSS can be alerted to a distress incident as soon as possible ?在GMDSS的帮助下一岸上和海上搜救当局一能尽快发出遇险报警:,A. all ships in a large sea area B. only the sea authorities ashoreC. the SAR units ashore and at sea D? the port radios and the coast stations8. In areas covered by Inmarsat HF can be used as an to satellite communications?在Inmarsat覆盖地区内高频可以作为一种--替代一卫星通信设施“A. alternation 交替 B. alternate 代替 C. alter 更改 D. alternative 可供选择的事物9. When receiving a distress alert, the SAR authorities ashore and the ships in the vicinity of the ship indistress will in a coordinated search and rescue operation with the minimum delay ? 当收至IJ遇险警报时,岸上SAR当局和遇险船附近的船只将以最小的延误--帮助--协调搜救工作。A. assist 帮助 B. send a rescue vessel 派一艘救助船C. search the distress area 搜索遇险区域D. reach the distress position at once 立即到达遇险位置10.In which year was the COSPAS-SARSAT system established ?哪一年建立低极轨道搜索和营救卫星系统?A. 1980 B. 1981 C. 1979 D. 198211 .It is quite 相当 的 for an SES operator to send a distress alert ?船舶地球站操作员发送遇险警报是十分--简单和有把握的A. easy and expensive容易和昂贵的 B. simple and certain简单和有把握的C. dangerous and stable 危险和稳定的 D. difficult and compulsory 困难和强制12. Any ships fitted with SES can and through the satellite system when sending adistress alert.当发射遇险报警时,任何配备船舶地球站的船舶--有绝对优先权进入系统和通过岸站与…联 系A. enter the system / con tact an RCCB. access to INMARSAT / establish contact with a CESC. have absolute 绝对的 priority to enter the system / make con tact with a CESD. enter the system gradually 逐步地 / wait for rescue13. What's the advantage when using
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