How to Write a Due Diligence Report for Investment PurposesThe Most Popular Drafting Model for Memos and DD ReportIn the United States' legal education or practices, IRAC structure is the most used writing process for each and every legal document. It is efficient, and very easily to be grasped?I issueR rules and cases, backgroundA analysisC——conclusionWe can compare this structure with our Chineseclassical writing methods: qi(起),cheng (承), zhuan (转),and he (合)?The Investment ModelAn international investor wishes to put some capital money into a domestic company, we call it a target company, and after the target company earns enough profits, for instance, the company can make an IPO in China securities market, then the investor may withdraw it investment, plus the premium interests or profits from the company, by transferring the shares it has in the target company. It should be noted that in this process, the investor shall deal with the shareholders of the target company At current China financial market, probably all the shareholders wish to go to the public market to attract more investment, so dealing with these shareholders is not a major problem. The major problem is how to avoid the legal and the financial risks in the investment. What if the investment has some legal obstacles that prohibit it from withdrawal? This is the key issue and the most important concern in the DD Report?DefinitionA due diligence report, also called DD Report, is a widely used legal document in today\ legal practice. Especially in international investment activities, DD Report can help the investor to make the right decision for its investment strategies?What is a DD Report? We can define the legal document as the key and basic information about a target company's finance and management. The information can show the risks or the benefits for the investments? Before taking any actions, a rational investor, of course including all the experienced ones, generally will retain a law firm or an accounting firm to do the report.We can compare a DD Report with your personal diary. I write all the activities I did in one day into my diary, and for most of times, 1 only give a short summary of the most important things I had in this day. For instance, I do not write what I eat in a common day in my diary, but I will describe one dish in detail if I attend my friends marriage ceremony, if this dish impressed me so well. I mean whether it is very delicious, or it is very badly tasted. The reason is simple, it gives me some unusual experience, pleasant or v4A DD Report shows us what we read and examined in the documents coming from the target company. We write what we saw in these documents and report them to our clients, just as we write what we experience in one day for our diary? Of course, since the documents are so big and we generally have to make most summaries for our writings- Occasionally, we just translate some of t
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