Web设计中的苹果风(上)优雅的设汁贯串苹果所冇的产品,也包括网站,不仅苹果自己的网站,世界上冇无数模仿苹果的网站设计,然而是什么构成了苹果 式网站设计风格?浅淡的配色,大而积留口,清晰统一的导航,雅致的图标,还有,拒绝使用Flash,本文分析了 Web设计中苹 果风的构成元素,并提供了人量苹果风Web设计案例供人家欣赏。苹果风构成元素浅色系与微妙的渐变色For Mac + PC留白,留白iPadA magical and revolutionary product at an unbelievable priceComing April 3.清晰明快的字体iPhoneFeaturesWhy iPhoneApps fcIntroduci ngiPhone 3GSThe fastest, most powerfuliPhone yet.games, and apps.产品图片充满美感iPod.lusic. movies, ertips.雅致的图标iPhone How To? oob a ia 旦筠囲IBasics Get Started Phone Mail Safari iPodIntroduction >iPhone Overview >iPhone Included Accessories >Status Icons >干净整洁的网格布局How to do everythiRight out of the box, iPhone is incr the most out of every feature, you*iFtKinriluneiHew 愉 the St^rt‘ r fStoruApple StoreOli eO&MY APPLfShop MacShop iPod四 araCSS Hl qMIIUIiPhontiFodclMskShop iPhoneShop iPadMacMac 3twar?ZikecMumOcwuwtPopular AccMsorio*For MacfMk (rw fthcpms e:,zM ucre???,【2UacOooaLUC Pro rwiKm^od touchil^odnano FwiSMtu>cOooa Pro tror^SimBMC WAir打— OwkCtAMceor.iuce^Mee cmUOuMTrwCtptUr-til▲<^<1 SVM Z" SumiMac21 and J^-Mh rmdriuApple Education PricingIo. SeMors清晰,友好,一致的导航iPod iPhoneiPadiTunesSupportMac BasksPhotos MoviesWebMusk:iWorkMobileMeFeatured iWeb Tutorialsling Your Website via FTPPublishing Your Website via FTP1:31Adding a Blog to Your WebsitePublishing Your Website to Mob<leMcAdding Coogle Maps产品功能的介绍结合非常出色的图片,视频小而清晰的字体1. Sending video via MMS is not supported on iPhone 3C?2. Compass reliability may be affected by usage conditions such as nearby magnetic fields^Some features, applications, and services are not available in all areas? SeE your carrier for details? Some applications are not available in all areas. Application avarlability and pricing are subject to change?Google, the Coogle logor and Coogle Maps are trademarks of Coogle Inc. Tele Atlas* Map data ⑥ 2009. All rigl © 2009. All rights reserved.iPhone GalleryConsidering an iPhoneiPhone 3CS Guided Tour iPhone 3CS Features iPhone 3G Features Apps for iPhotieWhy iPhone— PhotosGet the most out of your iPhoneApps for EverythingStaff picksHowTosiPhone in BusinessOverviewBusiness FeaturesIntegral onApps for iPhone Profiles靠明显的对比效果引起注意What's NewWhat is iTunesWhat?s on iTunesWhat is iTunes?OverviewAll your digital media, all in one place.iTunes PlayerWhere you organize, listen, watch, and play.iTunes StoreThe world's music store. And mow. Redesigned ?Con fere nee CallsYou can talk to more than one person at a carrier.NOTE Conference calling may be an optio more information.Create a conf ere nee call:1 ? Make
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