7A Unit Two Our animal friends辩音:(5小题)1. A. agent B. expensive C. vet D. prevention2. A. raise B. sail C. paint D. mountain3. A. history B. high C. hour D. holiday4. A. basket B. animal C. blanket D. as5. A. officer B. unkind C. clinic D. missing词汇:I.Complete the sentences with proper words.(5至8小题)1. I’m t_________. I’d like to have some water.2. Our pet dog is ill. Would you please take it to the c________.3. Dogs can g________ our homes and play with people.4. It is i____________ to look after pets.5. My sister would like to be an SPCA o__________.II.Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms.(6至8小题1. In the market, there are a lot of ________. (puppy)2. We should not ________ to animal friends. (kind)3. The clever dog helped the police find the________ boy. (miss)4. Dogs help blind people cross the road _________. (safe)5. She _________ the yellow and brown one. It’s more lovely. (prefer)6. You must take _________of your pet. (careful)7. The brave man saved people in _________.(dangerous)8. Two _________ will come to visit our school next week. (visit)语法:I.Choose the best answer.(15小题)( ) 1. ________SPCA officer over there is my brother. A. A B. An C. The D. /( ) 2. We should help blind people cross the road ________. A. save B. safe C. safely D. safety( ) 3. We need ________ many things for the homeless animals tomorrow. A. to will buy B. buying C. will buy D. to buy( ) 4. we promised________ the puppies because they were hungry and thirsty. A. save B. to save C. saving D. saved( ) 5. Sorry, there isn’t any water ________. A. to drink B. drink C. drank D. drinking( ) 6. Would you like to keep _______ a pet? A. up B. as C. like D. on( ) 7. He is ________. Pass him a piece of bread. A. hungry B. cold C. thirsty D. angry( ) 8. _________ must people do if they want to keep a dog as a pet? A. When B. What C. Which D. why( ) 9. How much _________ do you need to get to school? A. times B. time C. hours D. long( ) 10. We have a lot of things _________animals. A. do to help B. to do to help C. to do help D. do to help to( ) 11. Would you please help me ________ the basket to Mr. Li’s office? A. taking B. bringing C. take D. bring( ) 12. The sick bird ________clinic for a week. A. has been to B. has been in C. went to D. came in( ) 13. Did you know_________? A. how has Kitty found the dog B. how Kitty has found the dog C. how had Kitty found the dog
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