实用英汉汉英翻译易错句 138 例1. It pays to get an education. 受教育是划算的。 2. She pulled her car in the drive. 他把车子停在私家车道上了。 此处 drive 作名词解释为“私家车道” 。 3. The young man walked far into the woods to make water. 那些年轻人走进森林深处去小便。 4. She always sleeps very late. 他经常起得很迟。 5. The revolutionaries were beaten, refused anything to eat. 那些革命者受到拷打,不准吃任何东西。 6. Michael is a man of many trades. Michael 是一个从事很多行业的人。 7. Compare the adjective “able”. 说出 able 的原级、比较级和最高级。 8. The tunnel is 20 meters below the sea. 隧道在海床底下 20 米。 海面下译为 below the sea level/surface。 9. It is not a job for a man of his size. 他这般能力人干这种工作不合适。 10. They were full brothers and lived a fast life. 他们是亲兄弟,过着放荡的生活。 11. This is a bottle of noble gas. 这是一瓶惰性气体。 12. Her eyes were shinning, but her face lost its color within twenty seconds. 她双目闪着光芒,可她的脸色骤然变了 13. What she sent to me was an apology for a letter. 他寄给我了一封不像样的信。 14. I was not here for my health. 我并不是漫无目的地到这里。 For my health 1)为了健康 2)没有特定目的地 15. This is a very good price. 这真是太便宜了。 16. They have not much of an opinion of him. 他们对他印象不怎么好。 17. This cheese is a bit high. 这奶酪有点变质了。 18. I got some wash-and-water shirts. 我买了几件免烫衬衫。 19. He is only not a boy. 他简直是个孩子。 20. He is better singer by half. 他是一个极其出色的歌手。 By half 极大程度地,大大的 21. I shall expect you till I see you. 你愿意什么时候来都可以。 22. The rain coming down in sheets. 正在下倾盆大雨。 In sheets 大片地,倾盆地23. Mr Johnson got a woman with child. Johnson 先生使一个女子怀孕了。 With child 怀孕 with a/the child 带孩子 24. He is above corruption. 他绝不贪污腐败。25. Her younger brother is intellectually challenged. 她的弟弟智力低下。26. Peter said that he had a watch, but that was a stop watch. Peter 说他有只手表,不过那是只秒表。 27. She was nothing if not clever. 他非常聪明。 28. The country has gone dry. 这个国家已经禁酒了。 29. She feels like a million dollars today. 他今天觉得精力十分充沛。 30. He like his coffee nice and hot. 他喜欢喝滚烫的咖啡。 31. There is a book on the best johns in New York. 有一本专门介绍纽约星级厕所的书。 Johns 在俚语中指受骗的男人、嫖客、警察、厕所等。 32. They planned to travel south in good season. 他们打算尽早去南方旅行。 33. He runs as much fast again as I. 他跑得比我快一倍。 34. My grandson began to paddle his own canoe last year. 我孙子去年就开始独立闯天下了。 To paddle one,s own canoe 意为自力更生,靠自己的力量向前。 35. I like Mary for all her faults. 尽管 Mary 有很多缺点,我还是喜欢她。 36. The people of Boston will burn their city before they agree to British demands. 波士顿人民宁肯烧毁他们的城市也不同意英国人的要求。 此处 before 为“宁肯??而不愿??”的意思 True man choose death before dishonor. 真正勇士宁死不屈。 37. The old man touches no spirits. 那位老人不喝烈酒。 38. Peter is a good fellow and he knows his job. Peter 人好,工作内行。 39. My aunt remembered me on my birthday. 我婶在我生日时送我一件礼物。 40. I love her deeply and she loves me some. 我深爱她,他也非常爱我。 41. The husband would not be back till late, and the couple could sit up and talk. 丈夫很晚才会回来,夫妻俩可以一直谈到深夜。 42. She has a good fast service. 她发球又快又好。 43. I searched for the pencil-box all over the shop. 我到处寻找那那个铅笔盒。 44. Do not quarrel with your bread and butter. 你不要砸了自己的饭碗。 45. The waitress is walking out with
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