Profits Of Praise赞美的好处It was the end of my exhausting first day as waitress in a busy New York restaurant. My cap had gone awry, my apron was stained, my feet ached. The loaded trays I carried felt heavier. Weary and discouraged, I didn’t seem able to do anything right. As I made out a complicated check for a family with several children who had changed their ice-cream order a dozen times, I was ready to quit.它结束了,我感到精疲力尽第一天当服务员在繁忙的纽约的餐馆里。我的帽子歪了,围裙弄脏了,我的脚疼。携带的托盘让我觉得沉重。疲倦又沮丧,我似乎已经不能做对一件事。当我开了一张支票给一个家庭的复杂与好几个小孩要冰激凌已改变了十几次,我准备辞职不干了。Then the father smiled at me as he handed me my tip. “Well done,” he said. “You’ve looked after us really well.”此时父亲向小男孩微笑地看着我小费递给我,“干得不错,”他说。“你对我们照顾得很好。”Suddenly my tiredness vanished. I smiled back, and later, when the manager asked me how I liked my first day, I said, “Fine!” those few words of praise had changed everything.忽然,我疲倦消失了。我微笑着,后来,当经理问我为什么我喜欢我的第一天,我就说:“好!”这几句话的赞美改变了一切。Praise is like sunlight to the human spirit; we cannot flower and grow without it. And yet, while most of us are only too ready to apply to others the cold wind of criticism, we are somehow reluctant to give our fellows the warm sunshine of praise.赞美如同阳光一样照耀着人的精神,我们将无法开花和成长,这是必不可少的。然而,大多数人都十分准备向别人批评的冷风,却不愿意给自己的同伴赞扬的阳光。Why --- when one word can bring such pleasure? A friend of mine who travels widely always tries to learn a little of the language of any place she visits. She’s not much of a linguist, but she does know how to say one word --- “beautiful”--- in several languages. She can use it to a mother holding her baby, or to a lonely salesman fishing out pictures of his family. The ability has earned her friends all over the world. It’s strange how chary we are about praising. Perhaps it’s because few of us know how to accept compliments gracefully. Instead, we are embarrassed and shrug off the words we are really so glad to hear. Because of this defensive reaction, direct compliments are surprisingly difficult to give. That is why some of the most valued pats on the back are those which come to us indirectly, in a letter or passed on by a friend. When one thinks of the speed with which spiteful remarks are conveyed, it seems a pity that there isn’t more effort to relay pleasing and flattering comments.为什么- - - - - -当一个词能带来这样的快乐吗?我的一个朋友谁广泛游历总是努力学习一点语言的任何地方她访问。她是不会有多大的语言学家,但她也知道怎么说一个字——“美丽”- - - - - -在好几种语言。她可以用它来一个母亲牵着她的宝贝,或者一个孤独的推销员钓出他的家人的照片。她的朋友们的能力已经赢得了世界各地。很奇怪,很小心谨慎我们大约有奖励。也许是因为我们中很少有人知道如何优雅地接受赞美。相反,我们是很尴尬,摆脱心中的话语,我们真是太高兴听到的。因为这样的防御反应,直接的赞美是出奇地难以给予。这就是为什么一些的最值钱的光同情是那些到我们这里来间接的,信中转嫁到了一个朋友。当一个人预料的速度,恶意的评论被金属管,似乎很遗憾,没有更多的努力继电器愉悦和奉承的评论。It’s especially rewarding to give praise in areas in which effort generally goes unnoticed or unmentioned. An artist gets complimented for a glorious picture, a cook for a perfect meal. But do you ever tell your laundry manager how pleased you are when the shirts are done just right? Do you ever praise your paper boy for getting the paper to you on time 365 days a year?尤其值得称赞的努力在区域,一
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