.* Lesson 11 The Loons ( from Nov. 1st to Nov. 23th )II. Look up the italicized words in the dictionary and explain: 1) a small square cabin chinked with mud... chinked: filled. 2) was a chaos of lean-tos lean-tos:a small roughly-made building that is built against the side of a larger building. 3) The Tonnerres were halfbreeds... halfbreeds: a person whose parents are from different races. 4) working at odd jobs or as section handsodd: temporary section : a department in an organization 5) they lived on relief relief: financial help 6) but she had failed several grades grades: the levels in a school 7) had to get back to his practice practice: habit 8) how the coyote reared her young reared: cared for or kept 9) If you walk just around the point there... point: main idea 10) her hair was cut short and frizzily permed permed: curledI. Give brief answers to the following questions, using your own words as much as possible: 1. Were the Tonnerres rich or poor? Substantiate your answer with facts. The basis of their family’s shack was a small square cabin and was chinked with mud. Piquette always did housework for the family regardless of her illness.2. What would happen sometimes to old Jules or his son Lazarus on Saturday nights? They often got drunk and would be put in prison for a night for fighting.3. Why did the doctor propose taking Piquette to Diamond Lake for the summer? Because she had tuberculosis of the bone, and she needed a good rest. Staying in her house could only make it worse for she must work hard for her family.4. Why did the narrator's mother first object and then agree to take Piquette along? Her mother didn’t like Piquette, but her mother-in-law said she wouldn’t go there if Piquette went together. She would rather stay with Piquette than stay with her mother-in-law.5. What was the cottage on the lake called? What was the scenery there like? It was ther family name: Macleod6. Why did the narrator ask Piquette respectfully: "I bet you know a lot about the woods and all that. eh. "? The narrator knew she was an Indian, and she thought she might know something about woods and could tell her that. 7. Why was the narrator startled and her feelings hurt by Piquette's rude answers to her questions? She just wanted to talk to her, and she didin’t expect Piquette could say that cold words, which upset her.8. Why did the narrator say that all that summer Piquette remained as both a reproach and a mystery to her? She failed to meet her father’s expectation to be friends with Piquette. Besides, she didn’t know what it was beneath her cold face. 9. What does the narrator mean when she says: "For the merest instant, then, I saw her."? Only at that moment could she see Piquette’s lively face and see through her heart.10. What is the full name of the narrator of
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