/*必修1 Unit 1THE FIRST PERIODTOPICWarming Up and Pre-readingDESIGNERShi QiaorongTEACHING PROCEDURESStep I预习检测(学生活动)二次备课二次备课 1. Check the new words of this unit.2. Check the homework.Step II导入新课,明确目标(教师活动)目标1. Get the students to know basic knowledge about Friendship.2. Get the students to learn different speaking and reading skills.Lead-in The students can talk freely as they like.1. How did you spend your summer holidays? How did you feel? What did you do in your summer holidays? What did you do in your spare time?2. What do you think of our new school? Do you like it? Could you say something about it?3. Do you like making friends? How do get in touch with your friends? Do you have many friends? Where are they now? Do you have any old friends in our school? Have you made any new friends in our class?Step III师导生学,互动探究(师生互动)Warming up1. Give a brief description of one of your friends. The following phrases and structures may be helpful:His/Her name is ……He /She is …… years old.He /She likes …… and dislikes ……He /She enjoys …… and hates……He /She is very kind/friendly/……When /Where we got to know each other.2. What types of friendship do you have? Please tick them out and put the Chinese version into English. Then fill in the blanks.girl friends boy friends 笔友_______ 远方的朋友_______ 同龄人______ 网友_______ (friends over the internet) friends across generations unusual friends like animals, books……1).______ is /are most important to you. 2). You spend most of your free time with ____.3). You will share your secrets with _____.4). When in trouble, you will first turn to ____2. Now let’s discuss what they have in common in small groups. Remember to use some of the following expressions. I think that… In my opinion… I believe that… What’s your reason? Why do you think so?Step IV生生互动 突破疑难(生生互动)Pre-reading-- Make a surveyWhat do you do to be a good friend?Add up your score and see how much you can get. (SBI Page1)Results:4-7 points: You are not a good friend. You either neglect your friend’s needs or just do what he wants you to do.8-12 points: You are a good friend but you sometimes let your friendship become too important, or you fail to show enough concern for your friend’s needs and feelings. Try to strike a balance between your friend’s needs and your own responsibilities.13+ points: Well done! You are an excellent friend who recognizes that to be a good friend you need to balance your needs and your friend’s needs.Step V达标检测 反馈小结Guess the meaning of the Proverbs about friend and friendship.A friend in need is a friend indeed.Friends are like wine; the older, the better.When you meet your friend, your face shines – you have found gold.A friend to all is a f
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