'-Unit 1 This is me!教案Comic strip and Welcome to the unitTeaching objectives 1. Learn to introduce oneself2. Learn to use some greeting words Teaching contentExpressions: good morning good afternoon good eveningSentences:What’s your name? My name is … I’m … Nice to meet you.vocabulary:e-dog masterTeaching aidsrecorder, multi-media Teaching proceduresStep I Presentation New words: e-dog, masterStep II Lead in Ask students whether or not they want to have a pet dog at home. And show a picture of a pet dog, Let them be the dog’s master and ask them to look after the dog.Step III Presentation1. Show students the flash of Comic Strip2. Ask students to answer some questions according to the flash: What’s the two dog’s name? Who is the master? Is Hobo a dog? Is Eddie happy? Why?Is Eddie happy? Why?Step IV Presentation1. Tell students they are going to know some new friends. They are new students atSunshine Middle School. They are Amy, Simon, Mille, Kitty, Sandy, Daniel.2. Show some pictures of different time to make students know the three greetings Good morning, Good afternoon, Good eveningStep V PracticeAsk students to fill in the blanks to check whether or not they still remember their new friends.Step VI ActivityAsk students to work in pairs, greet their partners and then introduce themselves.Use the conversation as a model.Mille: Hello Sandy: HiMille: I’m Mille. What’s your name?Sandy: My name is Sandy. Nice to meet you.Mille: Nice to meet you too.Step VII ExplanationNice to meet you. 很高兴见到你。这是常见的打招呼用语,可以直接用Nice to meet you too. 来回应。Step VIII Exercise根据所学内容,把下列汉语翻译成英语。1. 我爱电子狗。2. 你叫什么名字?3. —你是Eddie吗? —是的。根据所给单词的首字母或汉语意思填空,每格一词。 There are two dogs called Eddie and Hobo. Eddie is a real dog and Hobo is an_____. Eddie is Hobo’s m_____, but he doesn’t know how to l____ after Hobo. So Hobo asks him to r____ a book a____ how to look after an e-dog.Step IX Homework1. 熟读今天所学内容。2. 记忆所学的词语和句型。Reading (第一课时)Teaching objectives 1. Students know how to introduce themselves and others in English.2. Students learn the use of personal pronounTeaching contentVocabulary:grade student reading classmate slimPhrases:…years old short hair be from after school be good at tall and slimSentences:I often play football after school. He is good at Maths.Teaching aidsrecorder, multi-media Teaching proceduresStep I New wordsgrade n. 年级; 等级student n. 学生reading n. 阅读classmate n. 同班同学slim adj. 苗条的after school 放学后be good at 擅长于Step II Lead-im1. Let students watch a video about self-introduction.2. Ask students whether or not they can make a self-introduction.3. Tell students that students from Sunshine Middle School will introduce themselves.Step III Reading1. Ask students t
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